Рассказсочинение. что угодно в общем о зиме на англ. яз. С описание зимы

Рассказ(сочинение.что угодно в общем) о зиме на англ.яз.С описание зимы.

  • Winter - a magical time of year. I like when it's clear frosty weather and snow falls . The windows appear whimsical drawings . When everything is white , it seems that you're in a winter wonderland . In winter, sledding , skiing , playing snowballs and making snowmen .
    When winter outdoors severe frost , the first did not even want to leave the house. However, when you walk on a snowy street , and the snow crunching underfoot fun , heart becomes so happy ! The main thing in this weather - not stand for long in one place. When to move - walk, run, sledding - freeze impossible!
    In January we celebrate the most interesting holidays - Christmas and New Year . At this time going all the relatives and friends , and my mother prepares delicious . I like it when during the winter holidays in the windows of all the apartments are flashing colorful light bulbs. The best part of Christmas celebrations - giving and receiving gifts . I used to believe that Santa Claus brings them , and wrote him a letter . However, to receive gifts from their parents is very interesting!
    Winter gives us a lot of beauty and fun. Despite the cold , you can spend time with health benefits , but also pay more attention to their loved ones . And, besides , it is worth remembering that winter is not forever and will become warm , tender spring.