Определите время глагола-сказуемого. The new teacher was being waited for when the director came into the teachers’ room. The school mistress

 Определите время глагола-сказуемого.  1. The new teacher was being waited for when the director came into the teachers' room. 2. The school mistress was leaving the school when a man came up to her. 3. A new school will soon be built for the children of our district. 4. The music school was still being built in our street when I came  - 64 -back from the army. 5. Some members of the British Parliament seemed asleep; others were talking to those who were sitting next to them. Members were coming in and out all the time and the bill was still being discussed. 6. The bell rang up but the texts were still being translated. 7. While an electric current is flowing, the wire is being heated. 8. This house was made of wood. 9. The delegation will be met at the station. 10. Peter was told to come near the table and sit down. 11. We have been told that he lives in Moscow. 12. My friend was offered a job at a mine. 13. A new film was being shown when we came to the cinema. 14. The house has been reconstructed this year. 15. The report will be followed by a discussion. 16. The book was looked for everywhere. 17. He was interested in these events. 18. They were solving a problem when I entered the room. 19. We have seen this film this week. 20. We saw this film yesterday. 21. My father has been working at the mine for 25 years. 22. This report has been listened to with great attention. 23. I must go as I am being waited for

  • 1. Past Continuous
    2. Past Continuous
    3. Future Continuous
    Past Continuous Passive
    5. Past Simple; 
    Past Continuous; Past Continuous Passive
    6. Past simple; Past Continuous Passive
    7. Present Continuous Progressive
    8. Past Continuous 
    9. Future Continuous
    Past Continuous Progressive
    11. Present Perfect Passive
    Past Continuous Passive
    13. Past Continuous Passive
    14. Present Perfect Passive
    15. Future Continuous
    16. Past Continuous Passive
    17. Past Continuous Passive
    18. Past Continuous
    19. Present Perfect
    20. Past Simple
    21. Present Perfect Progressive
    22. Present Perfect Passive
    23. Present Continuous Passive