С английским. Грамотно ответьте на эти вопросы

Помогите пожалуйста с английским. Грамотно ответьте на эти вопросы, очень нужно:

  • 1. I suppose, television is the most popular media in my family.
    2. Yes, we have got a radio in the tape-recorder.
    3. O f course, we have got a TV.
    4. It is a colour television with a big screen.
    5. What I like best is 'Let's get married', I find it entertaining and enough!
    6. My grandpa watches TV more than others, because he's got a lot of free time!
    7. There are about 50 channels in my area, maybe more!
    8. My favourite TV broadcasting company is Inter.
    9. Our local TV station broadcast many different programmes, among which are 'Let them talk", "Extreme situations", "TVNunny", "Fashion Verdict", "Natural Exchange" and many, many more.
    10. Yes. we have got a satellite TV in our area.
    11. We can watch some American or British programmes in our area, but their quality isn't so good.
    12. Sometimes I video some TV programmes and watch them later.