Дизайн города в космосе

дизайн города в космосе


  • of this magnificent sky, bright sky, around ulitsy.vse here is unusual, unusual for our glaz.nebo is zveznoe. the streets are quiet calm, nevozvozhno not see so many stores, and this beach where many people even at night under the moon light, he looks even more delightful than the day. waves .. surf, and the bridge on which are lovers .. and then crowned road bridge to the circus when I have not seen such a wonderful animals! but most of all to me in this city I love architecture! so many monuments, castles, bridges, built in the 19th century! how many amazing things, and these flowers are used to when I did not see the name of their prime-Cosmo, they are blue with yellow spots, this gorole I won, I hope you like it too ... this dream city .. this city Sutherland!.