Добрый день. есть у кого-нибудь готовое, а то времени совсем нет? write your own letter of application for a job as a Happy Holidays host or hostess

добрый день.есть у кого-нибудь готовое,а то времени совсем нет?

write your own letter of application for a job as a Happy Holidays host or hostess

  • When you apply for a job with an applicationform there is no need to send a letter. If you aresending a CV it is normal to include a coveringletter. Sometimes a letter is all you need for a jobapplication. The job advertisement will always tell youhow to apply.
    Name the job you are applying for and where youfound out about it. For example, name thenewspaper where the ad. appeared and the date whenit was printed.2. Include some information about yourself. This isnot necessary if you are including a CV.3. Give the name, address and phone number of twopeople who will recommend you to the potentialemployer. It is best if one of these is a personalreferee and one is a work referee.4. State the times when you will be available for aninterview.

  • Ну 1 что вы могли это не писать на английском а сразу перевод, но это не главное.
    Я сочинял долго (не щас а раньше) ну надеюсь поможет
    87 Orchard Rise,
    Bishops Castle,
    Mr Michael Cartwright                                                   September 15, 2001
    World Aid, Palmers House, Ludford.

    Dear Mr Cartwright,
    I am writing to apply for the job of volunteer worker which I saw advertised in The Guardian last week. I would be interested in teaching maths to primary children in your camp in Chittagong in Bangladesh. I enclose a copy of my CV.
    I am 18 years old and I have just finished secondary school in Newcastle. I would like to work for you because I am very interested in teaching. I would also like to learn about a different culture as I feel that intercultural understanding is extremely important.
    I am a hard-working and committed person. I have participated for the last three years in a voluntary programme, Community Links, visiting elderly people in my local area. I also feel that I can get on well with people from other cultural backgrounds, since I have also taught immigrant children English at our church school.
    I think I would be a good primary teacher of maths due to my teaching experience. Also, I have recently passed my Maths 'A' level (grade B), so I have a good understanding of the subject. In addition, I hold a certificate in first aid, which might be useful.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ms Maureen Taylor