Дополните следующие повествовательные предложения.1 It is time for lunch. high, with our friends, at the cafe, round the corner 2 I am going to travel

дополните следующие повествовательные предложения.

1) It is time for lunch.(high, with our friends, at the cafe, round the corner) 2) I am going to travel.(next summer, to Paris, by bus) 3) We go for a walk.(usually,with our friends, after the classes, in the park) 4) I can do my homework quickly.( tomorrow, during break, English,of course) 5) Several students are absent.(to our regret, from lectures, on Mondays) 6) There is much information in the newspaper.(about the latest events,interesting)

  • 1)It is time for lunch with our friends at the cafe high round the corner. 2)Next summer I going to travel by bus to Pfris. 3)Usually, we go for a walk in the park with our friends after the classes.4)Of course, tomorrow I can do my English homework quickly during break. 5)Оn Mondays several students are absent from lectures, to our regret. 6) There is much interesting information about the latest events in the newspaper.