К каждому глаголу can. could. must. will. would. shall. may. should. Придумать предложение! Помагите пожалу

к каждому глаголу can.could.must.will.would.shall.may.should.Придумать предложение! 

                                                   Помагите пожалуйста:)

    Предложения придумывала на ходу и всё делала сама. Гарантия есть. =)

    You should go to school every day!

    You should eat healthy food to keep fit.

    May be he will call you again.

    Would you like do it?

    Shall I come to visit him or not?

    couldn't believe my eyes: she was dancing with the man she once hated.

    would like to ask a question.

    We shall uderstand this moment.

    She will draw a picture.

  • can give you a piece of advice that will make you rich.

  • Can you help me?

    She could him yesterday.

    will marry you, but not now.

    Show must go on.

    May I go out?

    He must do his homework and only before he will go for a walk/.