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  • Many people are interested in the history of his family, gather information about their ancestors, many would like to sort out family relationships, bring it to loved ones. I think we all want to know more about our ancestors.
    I think family is very important in the life of every person. Happy is he who has a strong, close-knit family. Family - is not only the parents, children, aunts, uncles. It grandparents, great-grandmother, great-grandmother - that is, the ancestors. Each generation passes its experience and traditions that add up to family values. The support of every kind, of course, there is something to tell your friends, and then their children.
    I'm concerned about my family history, biography of my family. Even as a child I loved to listen to the stories my grandmother about the past.
    In middle school, I was interested in the origin of our name. My grandfather told me that the name of our common, used in villages named after his father children. The same names appeared on the name of professions, occupations.
    My grandfather worked as a mechanic at the plant fifty years. My grandmother was a seamstress hereditary, worked in a sewing factory.
    My mother's parents both have medical training. Grandmother - a nurse. Grandfather - a veterinary surgeon. On the origin of my mother's maiden name, I do not know, but she transvesstit. But my grandfather told me that his father, Ivan Shocks, and his father's father were breeders, it is also a profession related to animals