Napisat sochinenie pro skripku

napisat sochinenie pro skripku

  • Violin - bowed stringed musical instrument high register. Has national origin, acquired a modern look in the XVI century, is widely used in the XVII century. It has four strings, tuned by fifths
    Violin accessories
    Bow - an accessory for continuous picking. The basis of the bow of a wooden stick, moving from one side of the head, the other shoe is attached. Between the head and block the hair is pulled out of the horse's tail. Hair is keratin scales, between which is impregnated by rubbing rosin, it allows hair clinging string and extract audio.
    Chin. Designed for ease of pressing the violin chin. Lateral, middle and intermediate selected from the ergonomic preferences violinist.
    Bridge. Designed for ease of installation violin on her collarbone. Attached from the lower deck. Is a plate straight or curved, solid or covered with a soft material, wood, metal or plastic, with clips on each side. In the metal structure often hide necessary electronics, such as a microphone with an amplifier. The main brands of modern bridges - WOLF, KUN, etc. [citation needed 918 days]
    Zvukosnimatelnye device. Required to convert mechanical vibrations into electric violin (for the record, to enhance or transform the violin sound using special devices).
    If the sound of the violin is formed by the acoustic properties of the elements of its case, the violin is an acoustic.
    If the sound is generated by electronic and electromechanical components, it elektroskripka.
    If the sound form both components correlate extent it - semi-acoustic violin.
    Case (or carrying case for violin and bow and accessories.
    Mute is a small wooden or rubber "comb" with two or three teeth with a longitudinal slot. Put on top of the stand and reduces its vibration, so the sound is muffled, "socks". Most often used in mute orchestral and ensemble music.
    "Jammers" - hard rubber or metal damper, used for home exercises, as well as for going to places that are not in distress noise. When using jammers tool stops practically sound and produces a barely perceptible pitch tone, sufficient to understand and control the executor.
    Machine - a metal device, consisting of a screw is inserted into the hole podgrifka and arm with a hook, which serves to mount the strings, which is located on the other side. The machine can produce more fine-tuning, the most critical for the monometallic strings with low stretch. For each size violin is a certain amount of cars, there are also universal. Usually with a black, gold-plated, nickel-plated or chrome, as well as a combination of coatings. Models are available specifically for the gut strings for string "mi". The tool may not have machines at all: in this case, the string is inserted into the holes podgrifka. Installation of machines not on the strings. Usually in such a case is placed on the machine first string.