Написать страшную историю на английском языке, желательно не длинную! Для хэлуина! Заранее ♥

Помогите написать страшную историю на английском языке,желательно не очень длинную!!!Для хэлуина надо!!!Заранее спасибо♥

  • it was хэлуин I was walking down the street. and suddenly approached me someone crept up and scared меня.Я turned and saw a boy in a suit zombie .I told him that you can't scare people but he only gave a low..I lifted my hand to his face, and wanted to take his mask. I pulled his mask and it was not filmed. I screamed and ran away and zombies I bellowed in a trace
  • Вот Вам перевод детской страшилки: 
    In some dark black city stands a black, black house. In this house is situated black room. In this room stands black, black coffin. In this coffin lies a black skeleton and if you open coffin’s lead he will speak to you: GIVE ME YOUR HART!!