Напишите плииииз текст на английском языке про белок что любят делать, что едят, и т. д

напишите плииииз текст на английском языке про белок ( что любят делать, что едят, и т.д)

    Children squirrel saves from enemies not only her ability to deftly climb and jump, but also the color of her hair. Remember what the wool was at squirrels in the winter, and what is now. (Otvety.) Tell me how it gradually changes color. (Otvety.) What do you think is good for a squirrel that summer she reddish-brown, and in winter - silver gray? (Otvety.) Of course, this coat color helps it to remain undetected by enemies in the summer on a background of brown bark and branches, and in the winter of snow-covered trees.

    In the forests of south-eastern Siberia protein makes stocks mushrooms rather amusing way. She does not hide mushrooms, and ran across them on a needle or small branches in deciduous forests, where they dry out and in times of famine come to feed other animals accidentally passing here.

  • Depending on the season squirrel eats fruits or seeds, buds, branches, bark, berries, corn and mushrooms. Its main foods are pine seeds, buds and young shoots. Sometimes she eats insects, eggs and nestlings, small rodents and lizards. When the animal enough food, it puts stocks in the winter. Protein drags on far distance nuts, grains, and puts them in the slot empty and hollow trees and stumps, in the bushes and under rocks.

    In captivity protein per day to 10-15 grams of white bread, nuts 15-20 g, 20-25 g of fruit or berries, which can be replaced with dried fruit in winter. Furthermore, to the extent possible it is allowed sunflower, cucurbits, cereal, dried mushrooms, pine cones, pine and spruce. In addition, the protein is eaten carrots, acorns, tree buds. They are fed twice a day, morning and evening. Give plenty of water, occasionally - moloko.Belki always live in the forest in the trees. The trees and they make their homes. Who knows where the squirrel suit their nests? (In the hollow of a tree.) - Look at the picture: here on this tree has a hole - this is the entrance to the hollow, hollow and self - deepening inside the trunk. Protein itself does not know how to make hollow, it only finds the tree with a hollow and then arranges it in the slot. It collects in the forest moss, dry grass, wool ^ feathers, all transfers in the teeth and puts on the bottom of the hollow. It turns soft nest. What do you do protein, if it does not find the hollow? Then she is in a tree, the branches builds a nest of twigs. Weaves a large round ball, which, as in the hollow, and there is an entrance. Inside the protein arranges soft bedding.

    Well, kids, now you know how squirrels live in the forest. Squirrels are born in the spring at Belchatow, and all summer she cultivates them, cares about them. Look at the picture here just painted a protein with squirrels.

  • Children in the forest, where squirrels, there is, of course, and other animals, there are predators sredi.nih - the enemies of protein. Who else should be wary of the protein, which predators can hunt for it? (Otvety.) Protein - a little animal, and all the predators that live in the forest, can hunt for it. When the protein down to earth person she should be afraid of? (Fox, wolf, winged predators - owls, owl.) But the most dangerous enemies - those who, like her, can climb trees. This sable, marten. How much protein is saved from the enemies? (Otvety.) from land-based predators, it is saved in the trees. And from sable can hide, having hidden in a hollow, or to escape by jumping from branch to branch, from tree to tree. In proteins it turns out very cleverly, much better than the sable.

    You well know that eating protein that lives with us. Now think and tell me what protein is fed into the woods. In the same food or maybe others? (Otvety.) In the summer in the woods she eats berries, shoots, seeds of different plants. Very fond of nuts. In winter, finds among the branches stocked it with dry autumn mushrooms, acorns, nuts, peel off * so.snovye and fir cones.