! Небольшое сочинение на тему, о том как развивать свой мозг. На английском языке

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Небольшое сочинение на тему, о том как развивать свой мозг. 
На английском языке.

    logical abilities of man. It is best if the room is illuminated by
    thinking, memory, develop creative abilities is quite possible,
    your body. But who of us think about how to develop our brains, to train
    black currant, blueberry, chocolate, blueberry, red wine and green tea.
    Regular exercise. Regular exercise can help improve the blood circulation in the brain, enhance metabolic processes in it.

    appropriate training hemispheres of the brain.

    people dream about how to develop brain 100%. Unfortunately, it is not
    develop. We regularly attend gyms, are engaged in fitness, improving
    seem strange, but the long stay in the light and airy and improves
    possible. As evidence shows, people can make the most use no more than

    sunlight or imitating him with electric lamps.
    Proper nutrition. To
    10% of their mind abilities. But to improve the logical and abstract

  • The body's cells are tired and do not operate at full capacity.So our brain can sometimes feel tired .Therefore, to know how to develop the brain is not less important procedure than a healthy diet. New knowledge , anyway, that the exercises with a barbell for the athlete . The more we learn of the new , the more brain cells work and the more it develops.It is proved that alcohol affects the activity of thought processes .For a constant tone of brain activity , approached only daily vigorous activity . Maybe this retired so quickly lose their health.Analysis of the latest news and various interesting facts wonderful drug for brain cellsStrong stimulus to the brain is the music . Ever notice how this or that tune can cheer you or vice versa worsen mood. Listen to new exclusive music.Move more . Dancing , swimming and exercise a great workout for the whole body .
  • improve the abilities of the brain should consume foods rich
    all know well that intelligence, attention, memory, you can train and
    listening to classical music better memory, higher IQ and more
    instruments. As the results of scientific research, people regularly

    call this phenomenon the «Mozart Effect».
    Bright light. As you may
    listen to classical music or start learning to play musical
    their abilities?
    How to develop the abilities of the brain

    To develop the ability of your brain simple enough, if you heed the following advice:


  • vocabulary than those people who prefer the modern stage. Scientists
    but also protect the brain from degenerative processes. Флавонидами rich
    флавонидами, not only improving the logical ability of the individual,