ОО! КТО ЗНАЕТ ТЕКСТ ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ? НАПИШИТЕ А! the bbc is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world



the bbc is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world

    broadcasts some welsh language programmes. in scotland, gaelic
    broadcasts popular serials, comedy and game shows. channel 5 is the uk
    newest national channel. it is watched by 80 percent of the population.

  • the bbc is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world. on
    original uk comedy, drama and music as well as art and educational
    independent producers. it also broadcasts news, popular american serials
    educational and political programmes, shows on crime, sport, cookery,
    it shows quality programmes: original productions and programmes from
    population. bbc 1 broadcasts news programmes, feature films, serials,
    channel 4 broadcasts programmes from independent producers and formats
    television the bbc has 8 channels. bbs 1 and bbc 2 give the viewer a
    television makes a wide range of quality programmes in gaelic. channel 4
    political debate, sport and business programmes, high-grade
    companies which offer a great variety of high quality programmes.
    programmes. bbc 2 transmits scientific and educational
    shows or low-grade entertainment on bbc 2 . bbc 3 is a channel for
    entertainment for children, documentary films and other educational
    for teenagers and cartoons. bbc 2 also provides business news,
    programmes. bbc 4 is based around art, music and debate. there is also
    and sport.

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  • gardening, comedy shows, and intellectual games. there are no reality
    bbc news 24, bbc parliament and two childrens channels-cbbc and cbeebies
    there are three commercial television services: itv ( channel 3),
    wide choice of programmes and are watched by 94 per cent of the uk
    programmes about literature, art and history; documentary films, serials
    channel 4 and channel 5. itv is made up of 15 regional television
    of different tv programmes from overseas. in walws, on channe l4, s4c