Письмом другу на английском языке, что я умею делать хорошо

письмом другу на английском языке,что я умею делать хорошо

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    Dear Anton,

    I am writing to you to tell you of my winter vacation.

    I want to have them in the mountains. Skiing is a very popular sport in my country. It's very interesting. Even our Prime Minister, like skiing is his hobby. I started skiing when he was a kid with my dad and sister. We are often in the forest and spend his time there. I think that the fresh air, pure nature and sport is very useful for me. That's why my favorite hobby is skiing.

    Breckenridge ski in the Carpathians. This is two hundred kilometers away from my city. This database is very popular and every year it is visited by very many people. There are 4 ski tracks. Three of them - for skis, one - snowboard. There is also a lift, a cafe and a house where you can relax. Route length is about 3 kilometers. The speed that you can develop very high. Then, after this base, I want to go to my grandfather who lives in another city. I miss him.

    So, all of my vacation. Write to me often. Good luck.

    Yours sincerely,


  • Dear Oleg,

    I was very glad to hear from you again. Sorry, I haven't written for ages because of my school activities.

    In your letter you ask me to tell you about news at school. With a pleasure. We miss you and father very much and looking forward to your returning. As you know my friends and I like many kinds of sports but best of all we like football. It's the game of my dream. I play for my school football club "Shkolnik". We are good players you know. We won last competition. It was great!
    Tell me a few words about you and your new school and your friends. Have you joined any sportclub? Do you like your new teachers?That's for me today.

    Best regards to our father.
    Write soon.

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