, ! Поставьте предложения в Present and Past Tenses! As soon as I to see _him, I to understand _that he to work _

Помогите, пожалуйста! Поставьте предложения в Present and Past Tenses!

1. As soon as I (to see) _____him, I (to understand) _____________that he (to work) _______hard.

2. He (to write) _______something and (not to notice) __________anything.
3. When your  friend (to return) _______from the south? She (to return) ______yesterday.  You (to go) _____to the station to meet her?  No, I (to do) __________, I (to be) _________busy.
4. As soon as I (to hear) ___________a cry, I (to run) _________out of the room and (to see) __________that a child (to lie) _______on the ground and (to cry) ___________  - What (to happen) ___________? – Why you (to cry) __________? – You (to hurt) _________ yourself? I asked.
5. Della (to hurry) _________from shop to shop looking for a present for Jim.
6. The other day my sister and I (to go) __________shopping together. We (to enter) __________a big shop in Arbat street. While my sister (to choose) ____________a new hat, I (to look for) ____________a pair of gloves.
7. The moment he (to hear) ___________ the news, Jim (to call) __________ me by telephone.
8. Just as I (to leave) _______for home, a student (to stop) _________me in the hall.
9. When I last (to see) ________her, she (to hurry) __________along the road to the station. I (to ask) _________her where she (to go) ___________ and she (to say) ______ London, but I don’t think she (to tell) _______ the truth because there (not to be) __________any train to London at that time.

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