Проверьте мое сочинение иесли он есть отметье ошибкиMy city is Yaroslavl. In Yaroslavl in winter weather is very cold, about of minus 20-25C. Winter goes

Проверьте мое сочинение и(если он есть) отметье ошибки

My city is Yaroslavl.In Yaroslavl in winter weather is very cold,about of minus 20-25C.Winter goes by a lot of snow.Winter is windy and dry and cloudy.In spring is very wet and slush.All nature wakes up.Summer is warm,sumetimes dry,sometimes rainy.The normal temperature in Autumn is plus 15C-minus 5C.In Autumn very wet and humid,because every day cloudy and rainy.But i still love my city-Yaroslavl!

  • хороший рассказ на английском про родной город Ярославль,всё правильно)