Рассказ о любой книге на английском языке по плану:1 заголовок и автор2 о чем книга3 главный герой4 история книги5 когда и где история имело место6 по

Рассказ о любой книге на английском языке по плану:
1) заголовок и автор
2) о чем книга
3) главный герой
4) история книги
5) когда и где история имело место
6) почему тебе нравится эта книга и кому бы ты её посоветовал


  • Toreadors from Vasyukivka - a children's book, a novel Ukrainian writer Vsevolod Nestayko, written in the years 1963-1970, at age 33, four years. First published in the 70's by publishers "Rainbow" and "School." Translated about 20 foreign languages and included to the list of honorary Andersen. The novel is divided into three parts: "The Adventures of Robinson CORN", "Stranger of the thirteenth flat" and "Secret of three unknown." Hero of the story is a Java Rainier and Pavel Zavgorodniy (in earlier versions - Kryvorotko). The writer said that: "Basil Evdokimenko - an artist who decorated my books once talked about students who get lost in the corn and could get only in the countryside on a column zabalakalo radio. So in the story "The Adventure of corn," first appeared in Java and Pavel, heroes throughout the trilogy "Toreadors from Vasyukivka. '" Read this book I recommend my dad.