Read and correct mistakes. Dear Granny, we haven*t got some money after our shopping. But we have gota lot of food. Look. There is two bottles of oil and

Read and correct mistakes.

Dear Granny,
we haven*t got some money after our shopping.But we have got
a lot of food. Look. There is two bottles of oil and three cans of
fish. There are also some meat and two jars of cream. We have
got 2 bags of sugar. Now we need some jam for tea. Mum is away.
Your grandsons,
                   Willy and Sam.

  • Dear Grandmother,
    we have the money, and after our shopping. we bought
    a lot of food. two bottles of oil and three banks
    fish. There are also meat and two jars of cold cream. We bought
    2 bags of sugar. Now we have to buy a jam for tea. Mother is away.
    your grandchildren
    Willy and Sam