Сажите что это не так. I am from England. He will be at school. He was at schoolHe can go to school. He went to school

Сажите что это не так.

1.I am from England.

2.He will be at school.

3.He was at school

4.He can go to school.

5.He went to school.



  • Сажите что это не так.
    1.I amn't from England.
    2.He won't be at school.
    3.He wasn't at school
    4.He can't go to school.
    5.He didn't go to school. 

    4 He can not go to school


    3 He was in the park

    2 -


  • Есои я правильно поняла задание

  • 1.I am from Russia

     то так


    5 He went in the forest