Составить предложения со словами: behavior connection devolop reasoning judgement clumsy 6.psychiatrist 7.brain 8.contro

составить предложения со словами: 1. behavior  2.connection   3.devolop   4.reasoning    4.judgement    5.clumsy   6.psychiatrist  7.brain    8.control   9.brainy   10.to seem   11. to include

  • You need to know some rules behaviour in office.
    This tall tree developed from a small seed. 
    There is no connection between the two phenomena.
    Her reasoning that the crime had been committed in other place proved to be true
    Her judgement is very stupid.
    At least this mix of prejudice, clumsy talk and drollery forces open the debate.
    Omar is a very good  psychiatrist.
    The power of thinking depends upon the brain.
    He was in full control of the situation.
    The lady has to be brainy.
    That seems easy to you.
    Included among the guests were a number of famous musicians.