Составить распространенные предложения: на правило Past Simple со словами:was, boreродить, boreносить, beatбить, became, began, blew-именно

помогите составить распространенные предложения:
1. на правило Past Simple со словами:was, bore(родить), bore(носить), beat(бить), became, began, blew-именно в этой форме!
2.на правило participle: broken, brought, built burned, burst, bought, caught.

  • 1) I was born in 1995
    Ann beat his brother
    She became to read a lot
    He began to smoke
    2) broken cup lay on the floor
     A brought pencil is my favourite pencil
    This built house is amazing
    I need for a  burned list 
    My mother has taken my bought bag
    A caught suit was wet