Твір на тему підліток

твір на тему підліток

  • Teenagers

    The age between 14 & 17 is considered to be one of the best periods in people's life. Grown-ups remember it with excitement & tenderness. But most teens wouldn't agree with this opinion if they were asked. They're sure and that's quite true that they are overwhelmed with different problems. These problems're quite serious and they can't be considered trifles. Teenagers have psycological problems which can be explained by their psycological instability.This is the reason of their strange & sometimes agressive behavior. Their agression can be aimed at their friends, teachers, parents and people around them. If these problems aren't solved & regulated by experienced specialists, psycologists, teachers it can lead to far more serious problems. Drinking and taking drugs have become the most actual problems of the modern society. As for drinking, teenagers don't realize the harm it does to their health, they just don't want it to the privilegeof grown-ups but unlikegrown-ups they are notable to to drink responsibly. Government surveys on all aspects of drinking have found that about 40 percent of teenagers're attracted by bright & impressive advertisments of alcohol. They really believe that certain drinks will make them look like they're accepted. So, we can say that the low level of self-appraisal is the main reason of drinking and drug problem. Teenagers're greatly influenced by social problems such as unemployment, disfunctional families & the stress of getting into new college. They don't know how to cope with the problems which do not depend on them. They're badly prepared for their solution mentally, spiritually & even physically. If theyfail, they can be driven to despair & won't find the way out if not helped by their families, school and some other representatives of society. In fact, teenagers have got a lot of work. They're busywith their studies, household chores, some of them have a paid job. But there's no time for fun and they want to be entertained at least sometimes. This excessive work leads to an inner conflict which's usually expressed in the form of an open, direct protest against the world of grown-ups. The next step's the conflict with parents which's very difficult to solve. On the other hand, most teens don't know how to organize their free time for raising their cultural level, enriching their knowledge & improving their physical forms.

  • now I am at an age when I was still difficult to call myself an adult, but I am no longer a child. I have not yet touched on adult problem, although I often wonder who I will be , how the rest of my life , but also in football and basketball I love to play with children , forgetting that growth almost caught up with his father.
    Sometimes I hate to grow up. I understand that as long as the parents take care of me , I - is free. My claim to independence yet more children . I'm terribly sorry to see my mother and constantly tired late at the office of his father. And I think : Is this for me grow up , for fatigue, eternal race for someone and something. And I used to be a family , and I as well as my parents , I will be with the light doom to do their duty to their families . I understand that it is inevitable , I - the creation of nature with its biological program. My task - to grow and learn. Then, teach and raise their children .
    I do not know who I'm going ! At least my mother calls me sometimes turns reveals and loafers . And why not? Because I love to paint, and all the time I spend on this activity? Maybe I will become a cartoonist and my cartoons are not worse than those of Garry Bardin or Walt Disney ! And if I 'm a janitor, then what is wrong in this profession ? When the streets are dirty, for some reason, remember the janitor , and when sparkling clean - it's a profession quietly falls into the category of failure . Why ? After all, their work is valuable and necessary.
    Adults, I think, a lot of problems have come up with myself , which would be possible to avoid it. They are dependent on other people's opinions , envy, external interference in their problems. They need to be a little freer and more independent . Maybe I 'm wrong, grow up , take a dip into the world of social conventions and become a " gray mouse " . But I will try to defend his point of view, always weak and can fall back mediocre . Although a lack of talent , too, you can bet !
    I look at my classmates , and I think , well, where did Losers Genki Samokhina such a thirst for photography. He goes everywhere with a camera and footage selects interesting , very successful . But Alexei Zakharov ! " Sinks " in the Russian language and literature, and wiring knows inside out ! Olga Reutova - cuts and everyone makes such a hairstyle that will be envied Hollywood stars .
    We do not have the class of the " gray ", which appears in his life . All interesting and capable . I can not see into the future and say that there will be joy, sadness , boredom , worries ? But I am sure that parents and mine and friends also dreamed about something , do something in life , because we have to love them .