Вставить артикли a, an, the, no article где многоточия там должны стоять артикли1 He is a tall and. strongman with short dark heir and a strai

Помогите вставить артикли (a,an,the,no article) где многоточия там должны стоять артикли

1) He is a tall and ...strongman with short dark heir and a straight nose.

2) He likes to spend his spare time at... home with his family.

3)This woman is... beautiful.

4) She wants to become ... actress

5) When we meet in ... evening there is no end of talking about our life.

6) I like to have ... shower in the morning.

7)He'll go to ... bed at eleven.


Поставить степени сравнения

1)This is ... theatre in Moscow

A an older B the oldest C the eldest D the most old

2) Is Lomonosov ... Than Pavlov?

A  famouser B the most famous C famoust D more famous

3) That was ... man I have ever met.

A worse B the worst C worsed D the most bad

4) If you arrive ... you will miss the train.

A later B more late C the later D the most late

5) Do you know English ... Russian?

A better B as Good as C as well as D worse

6) You can jump as high...

A as I B as me C as I can D than me

7) This lunch was ... as it was yesterday.

A not tasty B not so tasty C not so deliciously D more tasty than.


  • 1no article,b
    no article,d
    no article,b
    7no article,d