Закончите предложения. Используйте mustn’t или needn’t и один из глаголов:be, busy, clean, hurry, lose, take, tell, waitThe windows aren’t dirty. You

Закончите предложения. Используйте mustnили neednt и один из глаголов:
be, busy, clean, hurry, lose, take, tell, wait
The windows aren’t dirty. You needn’t clean them.
I must hurry. I mustn’t be late.
The letter is very important. You __________ it.
We have a lots of time. We __________.
We_____________ an umbrella. It’s not going to rain.
You_____________ a newspaper. You can have mine.
This is a secret. You _____________ anybody.
I’m not ready yet but you ___________________ for me. You go now and I’ll come
Напишите отрицательные

sleep. You won’t sleep.

forget. I _________________________
It will
happen. ______________________
I’ll find
it. ___________________________
She’ll be
in Rome tomorrow.

  • Mustn't lose
    Needn't hurry
    Needn't take
    Needn't wait
    Mustn't tell
    Mustn't busy

    I won't forget. It won't happen. I won't find it. She won't be in Rome tomorrow.